5 Best Places to Visit in Norway

Most of the counties are going to famous for education, and most of the countries are going to famous for their peoples, and some countries are going to famous for their tourism. Norway is going to famous for their beautiful places, and also there are many natural views, and many people are going to different countries just to visit the places in Norway. When people are coming to Norway, then there has been no type types of awareness of famous places, because most of the people are coming the first time in Norway. So there are no such people who is going to tell them which places are beautiful to visit first. In this way, they are visiting places in Norway, but they do not plan that visit those places first, which is very famous and beautiful in the whole of Norway.

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and their very adventures place in Norway, and there are many lands, hills, beaches, and there are many places which is going to give you the best experience ever. And there is no scene of the season, in Norway the whole year is going to consider the visiting year. For instance, many people think that there is some season, and the people are visiting Norway according to the season, and also they are deciding before because of the seasons. But in Norway there is no concept of the season. You can visit every place at every time. All you need is to know the best places in Norway. In this article, we are going to discuss the best places which are in Norway, after reading this article you are able to make the schedule of visit Norway, and also you are able to decide the places which are going to visit first.

Western Fjords

This is one of the most beautiful places in Norway which is called the Western Fjords which is going to found in the west of Norway. There are many mountains in the western Fjords, and the few from the mountain are going to really amazing. And in between the mountains, there are few lakes which are going to increase the beauty of the place, and the most visited is going to like the view of the lakes, which are in between the mountains.


This is the second-largest city of Norway, and this is the second beautiful place in Norway. The best thing for this place, which is called the Bergen, this is also a port, and also a destination place for the tourist. There are many places and also the front of the restraint of the water, many people from a different country are coming to Bergen to stay, and also there are many people who are coming to this place for eating. And also the place is going to earn from the port system. And the view that every tourism gets, and like is from the window of the water.

Lofoten Island

This place is going to consider the third best place for tourism, which is the Lofoten Island. This is the northern part of Norway. This place is famous for the island, there are many groups of the island, and many people come to this place to visit the island and enjoy their vacations. Many people are coming to visit the island and enjoy the water on the island, and the temperature is normal for the people which is around 23 to 24. And many people like fishing, and they do fishing over there. And really enjoy the Lofoten Island.


This is one of the most beautiful places in Norway, and this is located in the southwest region. This is like visiting in the water through the cruiser. And those people who like swimming in the sunbathing, then people are coming to this place. And the view and the trip of the cruise is really memorable for the people who get this fantastic experience.


This is one of the most popular cities in Norway in the world, and this is the capital city of Norway. This is beautiful places having parks, forest, and full of greenery. Many people coming to this place to visit, and do some adventures thing, and also many people are coming to this forest for the hiking be there are some mountains. And the city Oslo has more than 50 museums. And many other beautiful, and attractive things. And nowadays the capital city of Norway is considered a rich city. There are many buildings in Oslo, and there is a lot of historical buildings which are around 150. 

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