2020 Best Points to Visit Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful cities in the UAE, and this city comes to South Asia. Most of the people are going to visit Abu Dhabi, and the people who are living over there are mostly sheiks. Abu Dhabi is located on the Island of the Persian Gulf.  And there are many beautiful things, and some are historical places. There are much best architecture, which is really beautiful, and people is really like architecture over there, and there are many traditional and cultural things available, and people really enjoyed the different traditions, and the cultures. This place is considered one of the best tourist places in Asia. And every year the management or government of Abu Dhabi is increasing the beauty of Abu Dhabi.

But many people are unaware and do not have the information that is the best place in the Abu Dhabi UAE which is must visit in 2020. The reason for writing this article is to increase the information, and knowledge about Abu Dhabi UAE. And we are going to discuss the best places in Abu Dhabi. After reading this article you are able to suggest others to the best places in Abu Dhabi UAE, and also you can plan for yourself to visit these amazing places.

Yas Mall the Shopping Hub

This is one of the most beautiful malls in Abu Dhabi UAE, the structure of the building is mind-blowing, and many people fall in love after seeing the mall building. This shopping mall is on the amazing island the Yas Island, and that this why they put the Yas mall name of the shopping center. And there are many big branded shops, and also there is the amusement and buzzes, and there are entry fees for the adult, but those kids, who are below the 3 years, they are not charging the ticket from them. But they are going to charge from all the people, and they are going to charge around INR 8850/-.

Saadiyat Public Beach

This is the most beautiful beach in Abu Dhabi UAE, and this beach is located on Saadiyat Island. There are many things which you got offered there from the people who are on the beach, or you can say the management, the recreation and also the leisure in just one package. And also the beach is going to offer retail therapy, water sports, and the delightful bistros. And this is an amazing beach, and the things that offer this beach is really amazing. This beach is recommended by the tourist, which has been visited before, and the reviews are really positive.

Al LULU Island a DYNAMIC Island

In every country, those who have the beaches or the island, and there are many people who are visiting on a daily basis on the beach. But this Al LULU island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Abu Dhabi UAE, and the most attraction of this island is the water in the beach is blue, and this island also offers many activities, and also there are many shakes are available for the people who are coming to visit. And the island is on the Zayed Sear Port, Abu Dhabi. And many people are coming to this beach because of the cool atmosphere.

Mushrik Central Park an Active Urban Park

There are many parks in Asia, and also in Abu Dhabi UAE, but this is one of the most beautiful parks in the whole Abu Dhabi. And the name central park is for because the park is in the center of Abu Dhabi, UAE. And this park is only for the children and also for the women that is why they put the name Mushrik. And the address of this Mushrik Central Park is 15th Street, Mushrik Area Abu Dhabi. And there are many things which are going to attract the customers, which are the Animal barn, Botanical Garden, Children’s Garden, and the Park Pavilion. And the park management is going to charge from every person is INR 100. And there is much more in the park which is going to attract the families, and also there is a proper system of security.

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre A cultural Hub

this is one of the most amazing mosques in Abu Dhabi UAE, and many people are coming to visit this mosque, and also many people coming from very far to offer prayer. And many international visits are coming on a daily basis. The address of the mosque is Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed St, Abu Dhabi, UAE. And the best thing for this mosque, the Islamic education is provided to the people. And this is a really beautiful mosque, those who visit the Abu Dhabi should visit this mosque.

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