Amazing Points to Visit in Turkey Antalya

The world is full of beautiful places, and many people are traveling and exploring new places when they have time. But there are some countries which are popular for natural views, and also the historical places. Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful countries of having a natural view, and also the historical places. And there is a city called Antalya in Turkey. And many people who are visiting the Antalya before, they are really inspired by the Antalya places. But there are many people who are going to Antalya and never visit the best, and amazing points in the first, because they do not have information about the places which place is more effective in terms of top-rated places. So having information about the city where you plan to visit is very important, because having information is beneficial for you, and also saves time and money.

Antalya is one of the most visited cities, as compared with the other tourist cities. Because in Antalya there are many places to visit, and every place has significant value and some history. And many people are fall in love when they are exploring the places of Antalya. When you are planning to visit the Antalya, then you should write on the google search engine Amazing Points to Visit in Turkey Antalya, and then the result is front of your screen, in this, your mind is going to take pictures before when you shortlist the places and choose the best places of Antalya. The reason for writing this article to give awareness of those people who are planning to visit Antalya, but they do not have the information about the best places. So in this article, we are going to discuss the best places in Antalya, where you should visit first.

Hadrian’s Gate

This is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya, and this is the oldest place in Antalya. Those people who are loving to see the old places should visit this place. The reason for making this gate of the upraised of the Roman emperor. This gat is decorated with the rich indicate carvings. The address of the Hadrian’s Gate is Barbaros, 07100 Antalya. Those people who spread the information that they are going to charge of visiting this place, this is wrong, there is no fees charged by this place.

Old Town (Kaleici)

This is one of the best places in Antalya, and the ambiance of this place is fantastic, and for the living, this is a beautiful place. There are many old places in the Old Town of the Kaleici, Antalya. And there are old and beautiful tekeli Mehmet Pesa mosque, Hesapcı Sokak, Kesik Minare, and fortress gate. And the old town is in the Ataturk Caddesi. And there are many views that the visitor is going to enjoy there when they are coming to the old town to visit.

Antalya Museum

There are many people who are really like the collection of art, and the other stuff which is old, which is made some decades ago. In this Antalya museum, there is the best collection of the Art and the other collection which increases the effectiveness of the museum. But there is the timing of the museum, and according to the timing the museum is open and close. The time to open the museum is 9 am, and the museum is going to close around 6 pm. And there are charges of the entrance in the museum which is TRL 20. The address of the Antalya museum is Konyaalti Caddesi.

Yivli Minare

This is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya city, and the best thing for this Minare is the view that is going to take from the Minare. And the size and the length of the Yivli Minare is A 6 Doomed and 129 ft. high, and the address of this Minare is Selcuk MH., 7100 Muratpasa/Antalya, Turkey. And this is also a 13th-century mosque, and still, the mosque is used for praying. And there are many other thing which is going to really increase the beauty of this Minare.

Olympos and the Chimera

These are the twin place in one place, and both places have their own significance and standard. There is the beach and also the village is going too surrounded by the city of Olympos. And if you want to visit this place, then there are buses or taxis, and also the personal taxis are going to drop this place. And this place is on the 80 KM southwest from the Antalya. And this place is the most amazing place in Antalya. You should visit this place when you are plan to visit Antalya.

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